The goal of the Fair Poet Center of Excellence is to develop the most outstanding high school poetry program in Ohio, and beyond. Fair Poet will provide a year-round program for students in grades 6-12 to read, write and learn to love poetry. Under the leadership of Hank Werronen, Class of 1965, the Fair Poet Center of Excellence was launched in the fall of 2016 with the first Fair Poet Fall Contest. This Fair Poet Contest attracted 180 poems on the theme of nature from the student body of 300 in grades 6-12. An independent community panel selected a group of finalists for junior high and senior high. Students then voted for their favorite poems without any identification of the poets.  Based on the tremendous response of the students and faculty, we launched the Fair Poet Spring Contest on the theme of strength. This time we attracted 200 poems, with a set of very high-quality finalists presented in an assembly in May 2017. This past Fall 2017, we had another contest - this time on the theme of technology. Our current contest for Spring 2018, with the theme of patience, is now underway.

- Please see our rules and regulations here for our Spring 2018 Fair Poet Contest. Our aim is to run this contest bi-annually. If you would like to sponsor this poetry contest, please contact Sandra Knight at sknight@fhevs.org